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"The Old Ball Ground" Book Series
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"The Old Ball Ground" - Book Series On The History of Westfield Massachusetts Baseball 
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Cover Volume 1
The Project
The plan for this project was to document and preserve the rich history of early baseball in Westfield Massachusetts. Westfield, located in the western part of Massachusetts, has always been known as a baseball town as year-after-year strong teams in both baseball and softball emerge.
Inspired by the famous series of Baseball books by Harold Seymour (the bible of baseball history), I knew there was much more to the history of baseball in Westfield than was previously documented which was at best limited. As the research began to unfold the parallels in the evolution of the game and what was happening in Westfield were amazing with many surprises and fascinating facts.
The amount of information that was unearthed was enough to cover two volumes. Much time was spent gathering all the pieces of the puzzle through research of microfilm and the Internet. Believe me...it was not in one place.
Volume One

Volume One is a chronological narrative with game-by-game coverage and player biographies along with amusing stories and fascinating facts that not only traces baseball beginnings in a small industrial New England town but also provides many missing pieces to the puzzle of baseball history. I have painstakingly pieced together my own Field of Dreams by researching, compiling and writing of a bygone era sadly forgotten that will not only delight history buffs of the game but will stand to give all fans of baseball a greater appreciation of the National Pastime.

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Cover Volume 2

Volume Two

Volume Two, is the culmination of extensive research into the historic past of one of New England’s most recognized baseball towns. This volume completes the fascinating baseball journey through to the beginnings of the Second World War. Again, I have painstakingly compiled and written of an important part of our past that has slowly faded away. Picking up where Volume One ended, take the reader through the lives of a baseball-crazy town, only to see our National Pastime become nearly extinct at the outset of World War II.


Dan Genovese